ABEC 11 Gumballs


The Abec11 Gumball is another classic wheel that was the wheel of choice for downhill racing from 2004-2007. It has a small but stiff inner edge that helps the wheel grip, and tons of urethane depth to roll fast on even the roughest of pavement. This wheel holds a decent line for downhill racing and freeriding, but because of how flexy it is, it’s not the best choice for sliding. This is an EXCELLENT wheel for cruising, commuting, or light downhill, especially on rough roads.

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ABEC 11 Gumballs

A big solid urethane wheel with a perfect aspect ratio. Great for carving and cruising on larger boards. Extremely smooth, even on rough surfaces. It rolls over everything in its path.

  • Height : 76 mm
  • Durometers : 78a, 81a, 84a
  • Contact Patch : 50 mm
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