About Fishbone Skateboards

Fishbone Skateboards is producing top of the line longboard skateboards that combine the perfect amount of flex andstability, to promote a powerful new way of looking at skating.

The decks are constructed with 7 ply, American Maplewood, and shaped in a way that allows for optimal cruise-ability. Fishbone decks are extremely versatile, allowing riders to emulate an aggressive surf style on pavement, bomb down hills, or glide around town effortlessly. With the selection of Fishbone’s 5 signature models, everyone can find a board suited for their ability and style.

We created the Fishbone brand to give fellow longboarders the flexibility to mix and match different equipment and color schemes that fit their lifestyle and creative passion. The fun we’ve had riding these boards, pushed us to share these unique designs with the world. Fishbone Skateboards is tweaking the way people look at Longboarding, by putting out products that can walk the line of their predecessors, or break off to envision a new world of banks and bumps.